Social Media Marketing

Why You Need SMM

Social media platforms are great tools for a brand to directly reach consumers, build engagement, foster relationships and assess consumer loyalty. 

Fundamentally, establishing who your target clientele is and on which social media platform they are on is a key first step to being purposeful, strategic and successful on social media.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

  • Brand Awareness and Relationships Development
  • Build Engagement and conversions (Leads)
  • Market/Industry Assessment

The Summitline Strategy

  • Establish consumer personas
  • Determine which key platforms the personas reside on
  • Develop campaign-based strategies
  • Create unique and engaging content
  • Organize a schedule posts
  • Analyze your impact and results

Social media Platforms

Below are platform-specific metrics that should begin to advise your social media marketing strategy.


2.2 Billion Users | Generation X and Millennials | B2C


1 Billion Users | Primarily Millennials | B2C


645 million Users | Baby boomers, Generation X, and millennials | B2B


335 billion Users | Primarily Millennials | B2B and B2C


1.9 billion Users | Millennials & Generation Z | B2C


250 Million Users | Older Millennials and Younger Baby Boomers | B2C


300 million Users | Primarily Generation | B2C

Why choose Summitline Images for your SMM?

Knowledge, Experience and Success

We are it coz we are lit! 🔥Upon sitting with us at our SMM discovery session, you will quickly identify we are very social media savvy! The team that will work on your SMM campaign is dedicated to SMM… and SMM alone!

Our experience and success on previous projects speak volumes about our knack! We have worked on numerous projects that we’d like to share with you.

Metrics Matter

To build and maintain brand loyalty, generate and increase conversions, we must take on a metric-based strategy. Data is king! We can measure all segments and the different aspects of a social medial marketing funnel; Awareness, Engagement, Conversion to Customer. This measured approach ensures our strategy is effective and your dollar translates to value.

Ready to get social?

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