Our History

Starterd in the Savannah, literally

Though Summitline was established in 2014 in Texas, our digital marketing services were in offering since 2009. At that time we operated in East Africa as 3D Alive.  It was a family thing; Kenneth, his wife and her brother.  Between Kenya and Uganda, we worked with businesses and non profits offering graphic design, website design, video & photography. Having just left college, Kenneth was a proficient graphic designer and 3d multimedia artist. In fact  our core service was 3d renderings for architectural firms.

It was a strong team; we had Sarah, an architect in training and practice, Joe, a business development consultant and project manager and Kenneth, the creative designer extraordinaire! A small team but quite diverse given the trio’s personal expertise and unique experiences in their own field.

Within our circles, faith-based organizations and non-profits formed a key clientele. However we worked with individuals to large firms. One week we’d be installing vehicle wraps with a small crew for a company in Nairobi, the next week we’d be delivering event banners for a church in Kampla, Uganda.

We’ve always had a knack and a strong eye for creative design and visual communications. Not to toot our own horn but, our clients are always amazed! True stroy!

This experience approaching 15 years has taught us that businesses are just people with dreams, these are stories being written and empires being built. It’s a matter of the heart. The true value is always in the why of the product or the service. We love to connect with our clients to understand their vision for the summit, you know, their Summitline Image.

Our zeal is to forge lasting partnerships with these dreaming ones. Bringing them the marketing arm to drive their growth, increase on their brand performance, finesse their in-house efficiency and bring in insight to fine tune their service delivery.

Integrated Marketing Services

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