2019 Best Web Design Practices | Dos and Don’ts

2019 Best Web Design Practices | Dos and Don’ts

Web Design Company - Best Web Design PracticesWhat are the best web design practices? So, you ask. There is sure quite a bit to mention but here are some vital notes on the main components that you can focus on.


When was the last time you used Google maps? Or more precisely why did you use your Google maps the last lime? 🙂 It is important that your website visitors find their way around your website. Navigation menu needs to adhere to these basic rules:

The navigation needs to be intuitive

About you/company, mission, vision, values, the team, bios are items that intuitively sound like they belong together. Our Services need not be in this mix. Additionally, as an SEO tip, it is important to break out each service into its own page.

One…Two…Found it!

Help your visitors find what you need to sell to them/or need them to know in the most few clicks! Attention span in this age is extremely divided and limited. If their phone suddenly dings while they are still looking for Teenage Girls Leggings in Women’s Clothes you can call that a lost lead.

Appealing Design

Polish the feel of your website if you want to appeal your visitors. Apart from fluid navigation, a beautiful and well structured website will help your users stay engaged. This is what we call good User Experience. Keep your website look within your brand colors, hopefully, you have worked on your brand guidelines. A cohesive feel from page to page


Use clean fonts and mix them sparingly. Google Fonts has suggestions on fonts that go well together. DO NOT GO OVERKILL; otherwise, you slow down your website. Use fonts intelligently – browse around and see what excelling websites have used; 1-3 fonts used between titles, subheading, and body text will work.

Modern Photography

Good photography is expensive. If your business depends on it then, by all means, make that investment. If you can’t afford that budget then please afford some time to browse through stock libraries – if you are particular like me, it can take time. However, the search is much easier as photographers on affordable platforms like Adobe Stock are really good.

Please (for the love of depth of field and in the name of bokeh) do not use those old stock photos, especially that lady in a suit with an earpiece, famously used on support and contact pages… smh. Get an Adobe Stock subscription, and look for well shot, ‘unposed’ images related to your industry. Once you get a few going, maintain a harmonious contrast throughout the website.

Look for a feel that’s natural and organic, I’m not talking veggies here unless you were looking for photos of organic veggies… lol. Images that look ‘stocky’ and 1999-like make my emotions unsettled.

DO NOT STEAL images from search engine image results – copyright infringement can be costly.

Make sure to size up the images to the right dimensions on the website. Small images stretched to fit look nasty while unnecessarily large images slooooooooow down your website. You want them optimized and fitting just right!


The use of icons adds character to your content

Icons will draw the viewers attention.

They will help quickly illustrate ideas without extra text – especially on infographics.

There are various icons free to use that designers have already put some thought into. Material Icons by Google and Font Awesome Icons are my personal best. These are elegant and easily accessed. There is also Linea Icons and Font Elegant.


If you don’t have content for each of your service pages, you can hire a writer for anywhere between $30-$150 per page. Professional writers are able to write for SEO. This is important to enable your individual website pages to rank high up on search engine results.

Final words:


If you are not a designer, and not willing to hire one (hmm) don’t try to be one without putting some time on research; it simply won’t work. I’m not a chef but when I want to prepare a nice meal that I haven’t cooked before I find a recipe and follow through. There are materials certainly that can help you put up something good.

Hire A Designer

Wix, Square Space, Shopify, and all other DIYs are out there, however, there is always more behind the curtain… trust me. Also, not all business models fit into DIY solutions; you might not be building a website as big as Facebook or Amazon but neither are build on Wix. When your business is growing you will need to hire a web developer of which most will opt to rebuild your site on a content management system (CMS) like WordPress than work within a DIY as they are very limited.

These are a few pointers to help evaluate how your own website measures up. We will be getting deeper in coming blogs.

We work within the best web design practices and without all the hustle on your part, we can design a website for you. Let us know your business goals here.

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